Cindy and Keith’s Kentucky Horse Park Wedding by Lexington KY wedding photographer Caitlin Worth

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When I wanted to persue wedding photography, I hoped one day I’d get to photograph a Kentucky Horse Park wedding.  I never thought my first wedding would be there!  Cindy has worked at the Park for some years.  The funny thing is, we’ve definitely seen each other out there taking photos of the horse shows.  I saw her Facebook post searching for wedding photographer recommendations.  Cindy was interested in helping someone just starting their business.  This really struck me as special.  Can we say ‘Dream Client’?  When you’re new in a small business, it’s really hard to get things going.  As an artist and photographer herself, Cindy gets that.  I messaged her right away and felt thrilled when she chose to hire me!

The Day’s Events

To start the day, Cindy and Keith arranged for a carriage ride across the Park grounds.  She chose her favorite horse, Laura, a lovely Suffolk Punch.  A lot of other Park employees commented they had never seen Laura look so good.  The rain threatened us all day and for about five minutes we were caught in a downpour.  Thank goodness it let up as quickly as it started and we were able to get some lovely photos by the lake.  At the end of their ride, Cindy and Keith took a lap through the Breeds Barn show.  We arrived with perfect timing for the start of the show.  If you are thinking of a Kentucky Horse Park wedding, definitely look into getting a carriage ride.

After a little break, it was time to get the wedding underway in the Club Lounge.  Cindy’s little dog Molly was so happy to see her mama when we got back.  Molly made an adorable flower pup and stayed right by Cindy during the walk down the aisle.  I don’t think the joke was lost on anyone when her officiant opened with “Mawage…”!  She had a simple, sweet ceremony with her mother’s portrait nearby.

During the reception, Cindy made sure her guests were well entertained.  She placed board games on each table.  A magician performed throughout the evening.  Guests enjoyed watching a Rocky Mountain Horse show going on in the ring below.  The dance floor stayed pretty full due to a great music mix including Flogging Molly and Lady Gaga.

Cindy and Keith served a taco bar which had people going back for seconds.  And finally that cake.  That cake.  It was gorgeous.  Beautifully painted to look like a purple and gold nebula with glittery stars.  But wait, it gets better.  It was carrot cake!  Possibly my favorite flavor, and hard to get right.  This one was perfect.  I had two slices!  Carrot cake can be a single food diet, can’t it?  Everyone ended the day happy and full.

Vendors and Helping Friends

Cindy had some great friends to help pull this day together.

Stacy Faraci was her Master of Girly Things.  She helped Cindy shop for her dress, altered the bridesmaids’ dresses, arranged flowers (they looked so GOOD!), and helped with Cindy’s hair and make-up.

Casey Gorney of Blankish Designs made her invites and programs.  She also acted as Cindy’s wedding coordinator.  She decorated, liaisoned, ushered, set up and broke down so Cindy could enjoy being with her guests.

Sweet Creations – Dulces Creaciones made the fabulous carrot cake.

Friday was pretty stressful for Cindy as her mother’s portrait needed to be overnighted after being left behind..  Her sister Robin helped her keep it together that day as Cindy took care of last minute details.

Craig Hendricks was the carriage driver who braved the soaking rain to give an excellent tour of the Park.

Have a look at Cindy’s model horse art at Knight’s Tale Studio and photography at Cindy Evans Photography.

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