Rustic barn engagement session by Paris, Kentucky wedding photographer Caitlin Worth

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Nichole messaged me on Facebook looking for some affordable wedding photography and an engagement session.  She was so cheerful and sweet, I wanted to work with her straight away.  She told me she was looking for a rustic barn setting so I went searching.

I found the lovely Ashwood on Antioch, a tobacco barn renovated into a rustic wedding barn.  The owners have done an excellent job making it the venue it is now.  It’s a charming black barn with white trim sitting on the rolling hills of Bourbon County.  Inside there are several chandeliers and fairy lights are strung throughout.

Nichole and Vincent are natural snugglers.  How much they adore each other came through in everything they did.  They humored me with my silly ideas and photographing them was such a pleasure.  Since it was a cold spring morning, I thought a cozy picnic with blankets, homemade muffins, and hot tea would be just what their rustic engagement session needed.  I love the photos we got from that, and I hope Nichole was able to keep warm under the blanket.  Can’t wait to capture their ceremony.  Vincent might even take his hat off for that!