Millersburg Garden Club Presents ‘The Art of Tea’ at the Historic Wallis House in Paris, KY

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When I was told one of my favorite things, tea, would be talked about at one of my favorite places, the Wallis House, I had to go.  My Mom is a member of the garden club and sometimes I tag along and take some photos.

Our presenter was the lovely Shirley Bolton who told us charming stories of tea throughout her life.  When she was in school and walked home through the snow, her aunt knew just when she would arrive and welcomed her at the door with a hot cup of tea.  How sweet is that?

Once Shirley had a very special needs girl as a surprise guest at one of her tea parties.  She pulled out this plate which says “You are special today”, set it next to her, and inviting the little girl to the table.  Now, anytime Shirley has a surprise guest this is the plate she sets out for them.

The nibblies served with the tea were wonderful.  I was too busy loading my plate with everything to take photos, but I did go back and get this one of these amazing cookies.  I thought the powdered ones were going to be hard but they just melted into a lemony cloud in my mouth.  I’ll have the whole plate, please.

Shirley brought this selection of tea for the group to sample.  Most of it is only available in Britain.

Beautiful antique teapot.

PG Tips Scottish Blend.  Not available outside of Scotland.  Blended for their hard water which makes it very suitable for us in Paris, KY!

It’s not a garden club meeting without a flower arrangement competition.  I’m always amazed at what the ladies come up with.  The theme was, of course, tea.